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Elevated Faith

Way Maker X Courtney Raine Bracelet

Way Maker X Courtney Raine Bracelet

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"As you look through scripture you will see time and time again Jesus has shown up and made a way when there was no way.

As you wear this bracelet, I want it to give you HOPE. No matter what you are facing, let this bracelet serve as a reminder to trust in Him as your Way Maker, Miracle Worker & Light in whatever challenges you are facing." -Courtney Raine

What's Included
Letter bracelet
Description card
Natural cotton pouch

Small: 6.5 inches. Usually fits younger people and the average woman with thin wrists.
Medium: 7 inches. Usually fits the average woman, men with thinner wrists, and teenage boys.
Large: 7.5 inches. Usually fits the average man.

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