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Nee Doh Rainboh

Nee Doh Rainboh

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The groovy gratifying super soft dough like glob NeeDoh? is now available in a teenie weenie size rainbow of colors. NeeDoh Rainboh still has all the irresistible power to find your best mellow and chill, and always returns to its original shape. But now enjoy six squishy, groovy globs complete with their own storage case and carrying handle. The 1.5″ size globs come in six bright colors. Use as a fidget or even a break in the office, classroom, car, at home or anywhere at anytime.


? You NEED (KNEAD) NeeDoh? Rainboh for a teenie dough-filled sensory satisfaction
? Each bright colored glob is 1.5″ W
? Squeeze it, pull it, smush it! One at time or all together
? Enjoyable for all ages 3+
? Get some groovy good vibes in the office, car, at home, school or anywhere
? Comes with 6 Teenie NeeDoh (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) in their own storage case with carrying handle.

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