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Mermaid Toothfairy Pillow

Mermaid Toothfairy Pillow

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Product Description

Turn that loose tooth into fun under the sea!

Embroidered onto the front of this cozy pillow is an adorable mermaid!

Meanwhile, one of the swaying seashells doubles as a pocket designed just right for holding your little one's freshly pulled (and cleaned) baby teeth, so they're easy for the tooth fairy to find.

And when they're found - It's the perfect place for holding plenty of treasure!

Complete with a small rope for hanging from a doorknob or bedpost, the Mermaid Toothfairy Cushion is an ideal accessory for making childhood more adventurous.

Mermaid Toothfairy Cushion
  • Soft, embroidered pillow with a pocket for baby teeth and coins
  • Encourages magical thinking, creativity
  • Beautifully embroidered
  • Pocket sized just right for storing baby teeth and little treasures
  • Features small rope for hanging from a doorknob or bedpost
  • Includes one pillow
  • High-quality materials and construction
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